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Why Outsource e-Rate FundingIn a process that is lengthy, deadline-intensive, and constantly changing, itís no surprise that our clients turn to our firm. Our team has a combined total of twenty-one years of experience working with the E-Rate application process and is well-versed in the changes under the new 2015 Modernization Order. Outsourcing E-Rate planning and application fulfillment alleviates the responsibility of allocating on-staff resources and the stress of having to complete the tedious procedures necessary to receive E-Rate funding. Even though the E-Rate application process stretches over multiple years, it is not a full-time job. The added expense of hiring staff to complete and manage the E-Rate application process in house is very expensive and does not outweigh the benefits of hiring our firm to do it for you. Outsourcing your yearly E-Rate responsibility is a great way to save valuable resources within the district and ensure that you successfully receive all the funding for which you qualify.

What our clients say...

“Blessings and thank you to your organization for patiently helping not only Servite HS, but our students and families.”

Mr. Michael P. Brennan
Servite High School

“My relationship with Shari Phillips began before she opened her own company. I had formed a consortium among Camden County Administrators the first year E-Rates were introduced. When Shari formed E-Rate Exchange, our consortium was so pleased with her prior work that they went with her new company. She and her staff always respond immediately to any of my questions. They are there to help whenever anything comes up. Shari tells me what I need to know to take care of any situation that arises during the E-rate application process; and, in most cases, she takes care of it for us. She reminds me when I haven’t met her deadlines for getting information to her. She follows up, making sure that she has everything from us. She sets up reasonable time lines, follows through and helps us meet all deadlines and maximize the dollar values that we receive. Last year, E-Rate Exchange helped us get a 60% discount on telephone and internet services for our district.”

Chris Oberg
Board Secretary/Business Administrator
Black Horse Pike Regional School District

“I have been working with Shari Phillips and E-Rate Exchange for three years. The best part about working with her is that she makes it very easy and reduces my workload tremendously. It allows me to use my precious time for education. Her staff is very helpful, and it is always a pleasure to do business with them. They must ‘fight’ each other to be the best, because they are all top notch! The benefits of working with Shari’s group for our school district is that the district gets more “Chris Tully “ time, and it saves me two weeks out of the year doing paperwork. I would say that if you are looking for an easy, painless way to do the E-Rate application process and save money at the same time, then definitely go with this company.”

Chris Tully
Director of Technology
Bergenfield School District

The E-Rate process is cumbersome. When a school district, inexperienced in the E-Rate application process, takes on the E-Rate responsibility in addition to their normal, daily tasks, it is too easy to make mistakes and overlook critical information. A simple error can result in a reduction or denial of your funding request. Missing just one of the many deadlines in the application process could mean instant disqualification for E-Rate funding. When you outsource to E-Rate Exchange, LLC, you can be confident that you have an experienced team of professionals that understand the E-Rate process intimately.


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Our fees are very competitive. Our client base recoup our costs and often increases their E-Rate funding after using our services.


Why Outsource?

Why Outsource e-Rate Funding“I can’t speak more highly of the people at E-Rate Exchange. I’ve worked with them for 2-1/2 years. Before then, I tried doing the application process myself for seven years and experienced many problems."
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