Why Outsource?

What our clients say...

“I can’t speak more highly of the people at E-Rate Exchange. I’ve worked with them for 2-1/2 years. Before then, I tried doing the application process myself for seven years and experienced many problems. I like everything about working with Shari and her group. All you have to do is call and she and her staff are there to help me with anything I need. I just love the fact that they are right there on the other end of the line for me. The staff is excellent; they always reassure me and are very responsive to my emails. Linda Van Appledorn, in particular, has been the person I’ve worked with the most. She is amazing and very helpful. E-Rate Exchange knows the timelines and the deadlines of the entire process. They take the responsibility off of my hands and do it all for me. If you want the weight of the world taken off your shoulders, call E-Rate Exchange.”

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Professional Fees

Our fees are very competitive. Our client base recoup our costs and often increases their E-Rate funding after using our services.